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PlayStation 3 – Patch #1


Attention Lanista’s:

Recently we have released a new patch for PlayStation 3 users. Below, we have listed the changes that you will see within the game after you download this patch.

1. Online Matchmaking now offers a more robust matching solution for online gameplay. This can be verified by attempting to start a match at the same time or by attempting to play with gladiators of differing skill level. Based on the new system, players will be matched against other players of a similar threat rating.

2. Gameplay is smoother in Spectucula and Insulae.

3. Shadows are now appearing for all character body parts in-game and in the Ludus.

4. The Bank menu has been updated to include real-money prices for gold bundles.

5. Users can manually scroll through the descriptions in the Bank for Gold Bundles.

6. Gamertags added to HUD during gameplay.

7. Trophy updated to v1.01 due to change in Japanese descriptions.

8. Memory Optimizations to increase stability across all Districts.

9. Uplay text and messaging fixes.

10. Fixed bug in Uplay password creation.

17 Responses to “PlayStation 3 – Patch #1”

  1. Victor says:

    thanks for the patch =) keep working hard!!

  2. Michael says:

    It is a nice start. However, this doesn’t address any of the more serious problems. This appears to be a quick fix to placate those that are frustrated. It won’t work. But, it’s a nice start.

    You also need to address the HTML for this page. The vertical scroll bars are missing.

  3. QUICKSILV3R says:

    sweet, keep them coming

  4. ASAP_STAR says:

    when can we expect it to be back online?

  5. David says:

    Ya quiero que este, pongan nuevos gladiadores nuevas arenas por favor hijos de perra.

  6. Manny Carrillo says:

    Can y’all please make it were we don’t have to be online to play that’s my biggest consern because I have really bad connection so every time I I’m about to win a fight I lose connection an that has caused me to lose 2 of my gladiators so please add that in that in thank you.

  7. Nouvellie says:

    The game loads a lot, the fame for each battle is extremely low, the 50 level is almost unreachable (sorry for my bad english), but the game itself is very addictive …The game loads a lot, the fame is extremelly low, is almost unreachinble

  8. Nate Clark says:

    Where is the axe fighting style?! No love for Donar?! We want an axe wielding gladiator!

  9. Lannista says:

    what about possibility to play friends online and offline multiplayer (2 players on 1 console)?

  10. Jorge Vilches says:

    What about Xbox 360?

  11. rhOn says:

    after the update one of my legend got killed online, my opponent’s HP(Life) is keep on reseting on his second life(2nd round) after 3-5 hits his HP(life) resets and mine died now i have to buy the legend again…

  12. magik-_-kush says:

    Ok really what’s the deal with not being able to challenge your friends that would be the most gratifying part of the game taking your gladiators you work so hard on and smashing your friends I have recruited over 8 people to play this game and yet it’s great game people are losing intrest in it bbecause of this why isn’t there a mode to do this or option is it being figured out or is ubi not ever guna offer it also with a mode like that you will sell more gold because the competitive level will soar wanting to beat people you actually know please let me know thanks

  13. Btrainus says:

    yeah, huge issue with not being able to play with PSN/XBL friends. Everything else is fine, that should be your #1 priority. Wheres the “invite” feature?

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  15. Dominus VexingJester says:

    How about joining a Ludus? Like a Clan, or league in other games. Then Ludus’s can create matches of their gladiators that other players can watch. Not only does the game give silver and fame but the players that want to watch can be required to pay silver to watch. The matches would be ranked based on Gladiator Rating/ number of fights during match/ and number of wins each fighter has.

    Also some great ideas in these other posts. Maybe the game creators can use these ideas to create a game (SPARTACUS LEGENDS TWO) that would keep gamers playing.

  16. I just decided to try this out, in spite of extremely negative past experiences with Ubisoft.

    Any plans to fix the problem with this update where it corrupts the game download every time? Because I can install the game client just fine, but when I try to play, it says I need an update, which then corrupts the game file and wastes 2GB of my download bandwidth every time.

    Fixing this really, REALLY urgently would be a good plan. In the meantime, I’ll chalk it up as another Ubifail moment.

  17. Have you any idea just where i can acquire a cheap ps3, i’m on a budget and my boy
    birthday is next month.

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